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Office-based tooth whitening

Tooth whiter up to 10 shades within a single appointment!

Office-based tooth whitening before and afterOffice-based tooth whitening before and afterOffice-based tooth whitening setOffice-based tooth whitening set






Home-based tooth whitening

Easy White - a system of home-based tooth whitening.
Tooth whitening is a non-invasive technique for whitening of vital or devitalized teeth. Whitening is administered to an individualized plastic carrier made in a dental office. It is the dentist who is responsible for the indication and supervises the entire whitening process.

Tooth whitening set






Whitening of vital teeth
- age-related tooth taint
- drug-related taint (e.g., tetracycline)
- superficial fluorosis - superficial discoloration of enamel due to fluorosis

Whitening of devitalized teeth
- dental taint due to filling materials
- dental whitening whereby discoloration was due to injury-related hemorrhage

Bleach must not be used in the following cases:
- during pregnancy and breast-feeding
- in heavy smokers unless they have ceased smoking during bleaching
- heavy drinkers
- hypersensitivity to an ingredient of the product

No persisting changes in enamel have been associated with bleaching.

Recommendations and safety
In some cases, bleaching may be associated with temporary hypersensitivity to hot/cold food, which will resolve within several days upon discontinuation or completion of bleaching.

Generally, the hypersensitivity may occur at second and third nights during bleaching. Your doctor may provide topical treatment using fluoride-based agents reducing the hypersensitivity.