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Chirurgická ordinace

Prosíme pacienty objednané do této ordinace přicházet pouze s očkováním nebo platným antigenním/ PCR testem.


Fixed dental prostheses

Lost parts of dental hard tissue are replaced using various types of dental crowns. Missing teeth can be replaced using fixed bridges or replaceable prostheses. Crowns and bridges are provided either metallic-ceramic or whole-ceramic ones.

Metal-ceramic bridgeTooth-root extensionEdged toothZircon-ceramic wire tooth applied






Removable dental prostheses

Total dental lower jaw prosthesis with retention features for anchoring in dental implants. With edentulous jaws, total removable dental prostheses are made fully fitting the patient both in terms of function and esthetics. Patients with partly edentulous jaws receive partly removable prostheses fixed to remaining teeth using anything from simple retention clips to complex slide-in connections.

Total dental lower jaw prosthesis with retentionTotal dental upper jaw prosthesis with dental lower jaw prosthesisTeethless lower jaw with four implantsHybrid prosthesis