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Replacement of a missing tooth or several teeth is a method well established for several decades.


Dental implant

It is a titanium-made screw replacing the tooth root and inserted directly into the bone. It is used to attach the crown, bridge, or replaceable dental prosthesis. The titanium is firmly attached to the bone and the whole procedure is well tolerated by the body.


Dental implantation

Implantation is made with the patient sitting in a dental chair and under local anesthesia; the procedure is completely painless. The only complaint is anesthesia injection resembling the injection used for common tooth extraction. The average time for one implantation is 15 minutes. The patient leaves home, with the suture removed within a week. Postoperative problems are almost none. Depending on the bone quality, the implant is left to engraft for weeks to months, with a crown, bridge, or prosthesis made thereafter.

In some cases, an implant can be made immediately after tooth extraction, with prosthesis made thereafter.





Bone augmentation

Each implant requires sufficient bone (occasionally absent in patients with tooth loss) lacking for adequate engraftment. Our center provides for bone mass augmentation while implantation or as preparation of implantation bed prior to actual procedure. The procedure is non-invasive to the patient.


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Implant viability with the top quality implants in the low mandible is 98% and 92% in the upper and lower mandibles at 10 years, respectively. Our data compare with those reported in the best world implantatation centers.


Cooperation of the implantation dentist and prosthetic dentist

Our clinic provides for perfect implantation by an experienced surgeon (implantation surgery) with subsequent prosthetic work (crown, bridge, or implant prosthesis) done.


Implants we use

Introducing titanium screw dental implants (3i Implant Innovations, Inc., USA), which are top devices in the international market.  For further information, please click on 3i Implant Innovations, Inc.,USA.

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